Monday, May 28, 2012

G.I. Joe casting (part 2)

I know we are all disappointed the GI Joe sequel got it's summer release pushed back, but here is some more casting ideas if hollywood had let me direct a live action GI Joe movie when i was 10.

   Burt Reynolds would bring some class to the role of Mutt.
 Night Court's Richard Moll has the physicality to play an excellent Destro.
       Kevin Bacon as, the least adventurously named GI Joe, Dial-Tone
      Dennis Quaid can add his boyish charm to the role of Dusty
                              Stallone as Flint
      Annette Bening has sufficient spunk to play Lady Jaye
 In a bit of stunt casting i think Mark Lynn Baker and Bronson Pinchot could play the roles of Xomat and Tomax, the cobra twins.
    Geena Davis as Zartan's sister Zarana.

Part 1 of my casting choices is HERE

Finally they to figure out a way to work this scene into the live action movie as well:

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