Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009


There are two types of pain my teeth endure. One happens, among other times, when i floss after having not flossed in a while. It is deep throbbing pain, felt mainly in my gums, that i actually enjoy. It starts where my teeth meet my gums and moves almost in waves up to my lips. It could start on the inside of my lips too. In a canker sore that I'll suck through my teeth then bite on to create this odd sensation. If i have not flossed in a real long time the pain is made more real by tiny drops of blood i can see in between my teeth created by the peppermint flavored string cutting into my dainty pink gums. I will usually savor this pain till my eyes water and then slowly let it fade down to nothing.

The other pain is one i do not enjoy. It is a sharp, sudden stab in a single tooth. It can happen when i breath in cold air or bite into food, with no rhyme reason and little (if any) warning. It is worsened, not helped by dentists scraping at my teeth with their uniquely horrible tool. When I was a teenager a dentist, demonstrating how decayed a part of my tooth was, stuck this tool in the tooth and, removing her hand, left it there. Often while scraping they will scrape to far and to fast, creating more drops of blood and more pierced pink gums. This pain cannot be savored as it it comes to quickly, to unexpected and it fades to fast