Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

When we were teenagers but before we could drive, my friend Lawrence and I walked from one end of our town to the other to get between friends houses when neither of our moms could pick us up. I was taking trumpet lessons at the time and carried mine with me the whole hour plus walk - it was a source of inspiration for a song we made up along the way. I can not remember the whole thing but i remember the chorus involved rhyming "trumpet" with "tea and crumpets" (we share an obsession with civilized British people). The night before we graduated high school, Lawrence, myself and two of our other friends spent the better part of it smashing mailboxes with road blocks and, at one point, other mailboxes. This adventure was short lived because we got pulled over on Main Street, separated and interrogated by the Ridgefield Police. My memory is hazy from this night but at some point i "folded like a deck of cards" (as a friend later put it) and admitted it was us who smashed the mailboxes. Lawrence is still upset with me about this, but i think we have gotten busted anyway given the fact we had an orange safety cone in full view in the trunk of the car. All we got were tickets anyway. It is a good thing i did not watch shows like Law and Order or The Wire when i was in high school, or else i would have known about plea bargaining. I am pretty sure i could have not only gotten out of paying the ticket, but put my friend Ryan Barr in jail for life.
Another illegal but less destructive thing we did - with two different friends - was jump in every public pool in our town in one night. In each pool we left a calling card of sorts, a piece of cardboard with "ABBC" written on it (the first initial of each of our last names). This was a pathetic attempt to get into the legendary Ridgefield Police Log in our local paper. We hoped each pool would notice this piece of cardboard floating the following morning and call the police. The police, their suspicions aroused by a flood of calls involving "ABBC" signs in public pool would be certain it was a gang and make it a top priority to rub us out. Nothing ever got noticed. And if we did this sort of thing now, in a post 9-11, atmosphere, people still would not care.

Anyway here are a few movies Lawrence and I made sometime between singing about tea and crumpets over the roar of traffic on Route 7 and climbing over chainlink fences, soaking wet at 2 in the morning.