Saturday, April 21, 2012

making of

There are few things in life more enjoyable to me then watching clips of music producers, hunched over their mixing boards, explaining how a song was put together. I love listening as sections are muted then brought back allowing you to fully appreciate what is really happening in the song. A few of my favorites include this clip of Butch Vig talking about the Nirvana song In Bloom This great clip of Robbie Robertson breaking down Up On Cripple Creek for us. Also has some nice tributes to the late-great Levon Helm towards the end Finally the very classy Sir George Martin discussing one of my all-time favorite Beatles songs A Day in the Life. A long clip, which plays the song in it's entirety at one point, is worth sitting through.

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Anne said...

are you kidding me Garth? with that little grin ?!? unbelievable!! adorable!! And do not get me started on Levon!!