Sunday, June 7, 2009

post office post

Readers of this blog are probably very curious as to how i feel about the Post Office on Varick St. The answer? Not to shabby! I have been working in this neighborhood for lo these two months now and have become quite familiar with this branch of the united states postal service. And if you think i am some noob when it comes to judging post offices, think again my friend. I measure all new york post offices i enter against, both, a standard of excellence (Grand Central Post Office) and inadequacy (Williamsburg Post Office).

If you see this post office in your neighborhood turn the other way. Don't take my word for it read these reviews, surely written by people with faces fixed in masks of unamusement... possibly blind rage.

I know my many (2) readers are also wondering what i think of all the Late Night Talk Show changes happening. I'll save that for another post...


Sheridan Dupre said...

G - I'd love it if you'd comment on the following: Will Conan's shtick thrive in the limelight? Is Jimmy Fallon the worst late night host ever? Who likes Leno, and why? Has Jimmy Kimball become late night's most Letterman-like host? Why does ESPN suck so much? (I'll handle the last one, in a post on GtheG.)

Anne said...

that's awesome. your post about the post office, that's awesome.
xo, reader #2

Greg Condon said...

is that a fallon reference?

Anne said...

remember how annoyed we were watching his dumbass during williamsburg to williamsburg III ?? he is the opposite of awesome.

Anne said...

ps I like how you incorporated a reference from the other blog I am a devoted reader of.
my face is not a mask of unamusement, but one of pure delight!